Business Tax Planning

We provide quality and affordable business tax planning, advice, opinions, and/or preparation of documents to businesses to help them minimize the amount of U.S. tax paid within the limits of the tax laws. We can use our experience and resources, developed in the applicable areas of the tax laws, to assist your business in developing and implementing efficient business tax strategies to suit your overall financial goals.

An important business tax planning decision, for example, the choice of the form of business entity, will determine many things about what the business and its owner(s) and employees can or cannot do, who can be held liable, how to handle its profits and losses, and how the business will be taxed. If the business entity will do business in other states or jurisdictions, it may have to deal with the legal, as well as the State, and local tax requirements of those states or jurisdictions for allowing out-of-state businesses to do business in their territories. While it’s possible to change the form of the business entity as its needs change over time, the tax consequences of such a change may not prove favorable to the business. Thus, it’s in the best interest of a business to put in place the best business tax plan right from the start.

If your business is faced with business tax affecting issues such as, for example, whether to change the form of the business in order to meet changing needs, depreciation methods to apply to assets, when to sell or dispose of an asset, when to receive income, when to pay expenditures, etc., take advantage of the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable tax attorney and contact or call us at (770) 962-7201. Your initial consultation is free.