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If you’re getting divorced in Lawrenceville, Georgia, one of the most important questions you’ll have to answer pertains to child custody. In Georgia, there are many options for child custody—from shared custody to sole legal custody. Whatever your goals and wishes for your family, you should speak to a child custody lawyer in Lawrenceville, Georgia. A child custody lawyer can assist you and your partner in drafting a parenting plan that will meet the requirements of the court. While it can be difficult to reach an agreement regarding child custody and visitation, families often see a better outcome when they can reach a child custody agreement outside of court. In cases where custody matters must be brought before a judge, both parents run the risk of getting a result neither wants. Finally, it is also important to remember that a child custody ruling can be very difficult to change after it has been made. It is important that you don’t rush any resolution and that you find a plan that works for your family. The Law Offices of Gregory C. Okwuosah, L.L.C. are child custody lawyers in Lawrenceville, Georgia who can help you as you draft a parenting plan and resolve your child custody questions.

What Should Be Included In A Georgia Parenting Plan? 

The goal of many families is to draft a parenting plan before the child custody hearing takes place. This plan will often involve negotiations between you and your former spouse and your family lawyers. A thorough parenting plan doesn’t just consider where the child will physically reside, but also outlines how holidays will be spent, how decisions will be made, and how disagreements should be handled. Here are some key areas to consider when writing your parenting plan:

  • Decide who will make major decisions for the child relating to education, health issues, religious upbringing, and extracurricular activities. Both parents can agree to make joint decisions, but there should also be an outline for how disagreements will be handled.
  • Visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent, outlining when weekends begin, when they end, and which weekends the children will reside with which parent.
  • Specify which holidays will be spent with which parent and how the longer school holidays will be divided between the parents.
  • Transportation arrangements between visitations and agreement about where children will be dropped off.
  • Times and ways the parents can contact the children when they are visiting or living with the other parent.

While it is generally best for the family and child for parents to reach agreements outside of court with the help of their child custody attorneys, there are cases where parents cannot reach a resolution. In cases of abuse, serious disagreement, or where one parent is trying to limit the other parent’s contact with the child, sometimes child custody cases must be taken to court. In this case, the judge will consider the best interests of your child in the matter. In Georgia, a child may also choose with which parent he or she wishes to reside at age 14. While the court can review or modify parenting plans every two years, in general, the courts tend to favor keeping things stable for the children. This is why it is important to get your parenting plan right the first time around. If you and your former spouse have questions about custody or are in the process of writing a parenting plan, it is wise to seek the counsel of a child custody lawyer in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Contact the Law Offices of Gregory C. Okwuosah, L.L.C. today to learn more.

Child Support Attorney in Lawrenceville, Georgia 

Under Georgia law, both parents are required to financially support their children. When one parent receives physical custody of the children, the other parent may be required to pay child support. Child support is determined based on each parent’s income, how much time each parent spends caring for the children, and the number of children each parent has. Your child support lawyer can review your family’s financial information to calculate your child support payments. If you’re having trouble collecting child support due to a parent’s unwillingness to pay, you also may have rights. An attorney in Lawrenceville, Georgia may be able to help you. If you are concerned that your ex may hide assets or income, a child support lawyer can also help. Contact the Law Offices of Gregory C. Okwuosah, L.L.C. today to protect your rights and learn more about child support.

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The Law Offices of Gregory C. Okwuosah, L.L.C. is a child support lawyer who offers compassionate and caring counsel to families in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Whether you have questions about how to write a parenting plan or have concerns about child support, our firm can help. When your family’s future is on the line, you need caring counsel on your side.