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Family Trusts, QTIPs, QPRTs, Revocable/Irrevocable Trusts

We have the knowledge and resources to assist you in setting up other asset protecting and tax minimizing trusts such as:

  • the Family Trust, which protects your assets from various threats;
  • the QTIP (qualified terminal interest property), which allows you to leave assets for the care of your spouse, utilize both spouse’s lifetime estate tax exemptions, and ensure that the remainder of the assets go to your intended loved ones or beneficiaries;
  • the QPRT (qualified personal residence trust), which allows you to hold and enjoy your primary or secondary residence during your lifetime for how long you’ve chosen to do so, and removes it from your taxable estate to pass on to your loved ones or beneficiaries at significantly lower tax;
  • the Revocable Living Trust, which you may alter or terminate any time during your lifetime, provides security in case you’re incapacitated and provides for how your assets should be managed and disposed after death, but those assets may be part of your estate and taxable; and
  • the Irrevocable Living Trust, which cannot be altered or terminated once set up without the consent of the beneficiaries, provides for the management of your assets during your lifetime and provides for how the assets may be disposed after death, permits gift giving during your lifetime and, thus, reduces the size of the taxable estate.

For additional information on how we can assist you in setting up any of these asset protecting and tax minimizing trusts, don’t hesitate to contact or call us at (770) 962-7201.  Your initial consultation is free.