Georgia Tax Disputes

Georgia tax disputes advice, opinions, representation, and/or preparation of documents that we provide include the areas of:

  • Corporate Franchise Tax
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • General Property Tax
  • Alcoholic Beverages Tax
  • Gasoline Tax
  • Realty Transfer Tax
  • Insurance Companies Tax
  • Estate Tax
  • Tax Appeals
  • Tax Collections
  • Failure to File Tax Returns
  • Tax Penalty and Interest Abatement
  • Tax Liens and Levies

Don’t take on the Georgia taxing authorities without the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable tax attorney that knows how they work. If you have been contacted about starting an audit of you or your business, or are already under audit, don’t hesitate to contact or call us at (770) 962-7201. Your initial consultation is free.