Tax Controversy Matters

taxYou’ve come to this website probably because you need help with a tax question or issue that you’re facing.  If what you’re searching for is quality and affordable tax planning, advice, opinion, and/or representation, from a professional and experienced tax attorney, then you’ve come to the right place.  You may also have wondered, why not just let your CPA, Enrolled Agent, or tax return preparer, help you resolve the tax question or issue?  This is because only with an attorney’s legal advice can you benefit from the all too important attorney-client privilege, which, generally, legally exempts your attorney from being forced to testify against you, should the IRS criminally prosecute you.  In other words, your conversations with your tax attorney will remain confidential, and the attorney cannot be forced to repeat them to the IRS or to testify against you in a criminal court.  A CPA, Enrolled Agent, or tax return preparer does not have this particular privilege.  Note: Attorney communication with a client regarding preparing the client’s tax return is not covered by this privilege because preparation of a tax return is not considered legal advice.