Wealth Transfer Planning

Transferring the wealth you have worked very hard over the years to accumulate to your loved ones or beneficiaries can be a very emotional issue.  However, should you die with the wealth in your estate, you’re very likely to lose much of it to the government in the form of taxes.  A well thought out wealth transfer plan today will help you address how much of your current assets you get to retain for your loved ones or beneficiaries and how much gets eaten up by taxes.  A wealth transfer plan must be done properly in order not to expose you and your loved ones or beneficiaries to further taxes or certain penalties.

We have the knowledge and resources to assist you in putting together such a wealth transfer plan, including the use of a legal will, trusts, insurance, planned gifting, and other instruments under the tax laws, to help you minimize the impact of taxes.  For additional information on how we can assist you in planning your wealth transfer, don’t hesitate to contact or call us at (770) 962-7201.  Your initial consultation is free.